Size Guide


Shoe sizing can be confusing but let Dainty Bear take the stress out of this by following our detailed sizing guide so you can measure your child's foot to ensure you select the perfect size for them!

Measuring Shoe Size at Home
If Your Child Can't Stand
Please use a tape measure to measure your babies foot in socks from the top of the big toe to the back of the heel

If Your Child is Standing
Place your child standing in socks on a piece of paper on a hard floor. Trace around their foot then measure the distance in cm from the top of the big toe to the back of the heel

Important - Compare Against Our Sizing Chart Below
Please add at least 2cm growing room

Size Guide

Shoe Type UK Size Shoe Length Age Guide
Soft Sole 0 10 cm 0-3 Months
Soft Sole 1 11 cm 0-6 Months
Soft Sole 2 11.8 cm 6-12 Months
Partial Rubber Sole 3 12.6 cm 12-18 Months
Partial Rubber Sole 4 13.4 cm

18-24 Months

Shoe Type UK Size Shoe Length EU Size
Hard Sole 5 14.2cm 23
Hard Sole 6 15cm 24
Hard Sole 7 15.8 cm 25
Hard Sole 8 16.6cm 26
Hard Sole 9 17.4cm



Please note - hard sole sizes vary please check the length and measure against your childs foot