The Christmas Baby Grow Tartan 3 Piece Giftbox

€29.95 €54.95


Our beautiful 3 piece Christmas Tartan Edit is made from super cosy quilted cotton perfect for winter. All pieces have tartan trim detailing which gives such a classic timeless  Christmas look. All pieces come in a beautiful Dainty Bear white ribbon giftbox.

Tartan Edit Contains

  • Baby Grow with floral trim beading over poppers with elegant cuff trim finished with floral covered feet detail
  • Co-ordinated Tartan Bow Turban
  • Co-ordinated Tartan Trim Occasion Bib
  • Comes uniquely packaged in a Dainty Bear white ribbon giftbox
Dainty's Shoe Sizing Chart
0-3 Months
  • 10 cm
3-6 Months
  • 11 cm
6-12 Months
  • 11.8 cm
12-18 Months
  • 12.6 cm
18-24 Months
  • 13.4 cm